Virginia Commonwealth University

MFA 2020 Candidate

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

BFA 2006



  • New Poetics. Curated by June T Sanders and Alec Logan Smith. Aviary Gallery, Boston, MA

  • The Pivotal Image. Cumulus Photo,

  • Eat, Drink, Art. Benefit invitational, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE

  • Learning to Love the Bomb. Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • The Shape of Things. Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • The Shape of Things. University of the Arts Helskinki, FIN

  • Too Tired Canton. St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY


  • Beware of Dog. FAB Gallery at VCU, Richmond, VA

  • Animals: Nature’s Grand Gift. Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum, Clarinda, NE

  • RE: Work. Valet Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • She’s Leaving Home. Solo show. Fiendish Plots, Lincoln, NE

  • Eat, Drink, Art. Benefit show, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE


  • American Collective: Contemporary Reflections on Landscape and Identity. Curated by Eliot Dudik. Stitches and Pics, Sackets Harbor, NY

  • Keep Tugboat Afloat. Benefit show. Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE

  • Not for the Faint of Heart. Curated by Rachael Banks. Don't Smile online gallery:

  • Nasty Women Omaha. Benefit for Voices of Hope. Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE


  • Death, Sex, and Impermanence. Solo show. Curated by Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez and Charley Friedman. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE.

  • Group Show. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE


  • Dead to Me. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE


  • Snapshot Aesthetic. Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR


  • If Not for Kidnap. Monthly poetry reading and art exhibition. Portland, OR

  • Annual Member’s Showcase, Jurors: Newspace Board of Directors. Newspace Center for Photography. Portland, OR

  • New Works from Jake Gillespie, Nicolas Columbo and Ashley Goodwin. Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective. Portland, OR


  • 3, 2, 1 Blastoff. Turbine Flats. Lincoln, NE

  • Fundraiser and $100 Art Sale (donated artwork). BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE

  • Another Stab: The Family of Man. BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE


  • Snip. BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE

  • A Dilly of a Joke. Pig Flew Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE


  • Capstone Senior Exhibition. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • How Am I Not Myself. Gallery 1100 (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • The Society for Photographic Education’s Student Exhibition, Juror: Dan Seidell. W. Dale Clark Library. Omaha, NE

  • Art: The Show. Salon 52 (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • Higos. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Gomez Group Show. The Emergency Room at Tugboat Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition, Juror: Larry Roots. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery, Lincoln. NE

  • Be My Valentine. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE


  • The Society for Photographic Education’s Student Exhibition, Jurors: Student committee. Old Frisco Café. St. Louis, MO

  • Beating the Dead Horse. Gameover Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • The Masters of Photography. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Summerstock II. The Loft at the Mill. Lincoln, NE

  • Capstone Senior Exhibition (collaboration with a senior). Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Women’s Week Juried Show, Jurors: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Women’s Center employees. The Loft Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition, Juror: David Gracie. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Alive in Lincoln. Underground Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • Art League Juried Show. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE


III of Cups

Co-founded with Cassandra Morton and Whitney Williams, I operated a gallery space in Parrish Projects, an artists' gallery and studio collective in downtown Lincoln, NE. We programmed and hosted monthly First Friday art exhibitions from 2016–2018.

III of Cups Exhibitions


  • Satan at Home. Mixed media by John Skinner

  • Rhapsody on Pavement. Animation by Levi Gerlach and Enia Kiusals

  • I’m a Prom Queen, Too. Paintings by Erik White

  • Brief Descriptions. Photography by Margot Erlandson and Robert Stewart

  • Fade Like a Sigh. Photography by Rana Young and Zora Murff


  • Subverted Perspective. Sculptures by Wansoo Kim

  • Kong & Olive. Mixed media by Myra Sontheimer

  • Second Hand. Mixed media by Lisa Guevara

  • Cauldrons. Drawings and installation by Phoebe Little

  • Noncore. Sculpture, video and painting by Rosana Ybarra and Lindsey Day

  • Back in the Day. Sculptures by Michael Villareal

  • Vivere Cogitatio (Live Thought). Installation by Whitney Williams

  • Functionless Doodads, Useless Doohickies. Paintings by Erik White

  • Biophilia. Guest curated by Walker Pickering, featuring video work from Madeline Cass, Anna Drehys and Tyler Meyer

  • Drama Drama Drama. Sculptures by Kelsea Brunner

  • Celebration of Life for Denalda Nicole Renae Siegrist


  • Pha Nguyen at III of Cups

  • Mary's Scuba-ready for the Danderfan. Animation by Cessa Cantrell

  • Death, Sex, and Impermanence. Ashley Goodwin

  • Watercolor/Collage. Whitney Williams

  • Skyler Simpson at III of Cups

  • Ashley Anderson Amerandie at III of Cups

  • Derek Benoist at III of Cups

  • Austin Michael Romine at III of Cups


  • Intimate Strangers. Carment Winant, Molly Landreth, Rachel Papo, Amelia Tovey and Sarah McKemie. Tribute Gallery, Portland, OR. 2010.

  • Small Press Brunch. Portland, OR. December 2009.

  • New Works from Jake Gillespie, Nicolas Columbo and Ashley Goodwin. Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective, Portland, OR. 2009.

  • Works from the Private Collection of Ashley Goodwin. Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective, Portland, OR. 2009.

  • Another Stab: The Family of Man. BemisUNDERGROUND, Omaha, NE. 2008.

  • Art: The Show. Pop-up, Lincoln, NE. 2006.

  • Higos. Rotunda Gallery, Lincoln, NE. 2006.

  • Beating the Dead Horse. Pop-up, Nebraska State Theater. 2005.

  • The Masters of Photography. Rotunda Gallery, Lincoln, NE. 2005.

  • Alive in Lincoln. Pop-up, Lincoln, NE. 2005.


  • Der Greif. Curated by Broomberg & Chanarin. Issue 12, 2019.

  • The Commonwealth Times, “'Learning to Love the Bomb': MFA Candidacy exhibition to open at Black Iris,” April 2019.

  • Don’t Smile: Year Two. Curated by Rachael Banks. 2018.

  • Old Town Crier. “Gallery Spotlight: Tribute Gallery. Artist Spotlight: The Artists of Intimate Strangers,” Spring 2010.

  • The Reader (Omaha Weekly Reader). “The Underground’s High Bars” by Sarah Baker. February 8th, 2008.

  • Omaha World Herald. “Bemis Exhibit Offers Snapshots of Life in Mixed Media” by Dane Stickney. February 14th, 2008.

  • Omaha Magazine. “Another Stab: The Family of Man.” March/April 2008.

  • Laurus, the undergraduate literary journal of UNL. Cover art. 2004–2005 edition.


  • Curatorial Residency. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (BemisUNDERGROUND), Omaha, NE. 2008.

  • Honorable Mention. Snip at the BemisUNDERGROUND. Sponsored by the Organization for the Advancement of the Arts. Jurors: Joey Lynch, Caitlin Applegate and Rachel Ziegler. December 2007.

  • Jean R. Faulkner Memorial Art Exhibition Award for the 2005 Undergraduate Juried Show.