Virginia Commonwealth University

MFA 2020 Candidate

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography, graduated December 2006



  • Eat, Drink, Art. Benefit invitational, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE

  • Learning to Love the Bomb. Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • The Shape of Things. Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • The Shape of Things. University of the Arts Helskinki, FIN

  • Too Tired Canton. St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY


  • Beware of Dog. FAB Gallery at VCU, Richmond, VA

  • Animals: Nature’s Grand Gift. Clarinda Carnegie Art Museum, Clarinda, NE

  • RE: Work. Valet Gallery, Richmond, VA

  • She’s Leaving Home. Solo show. Fiendish Plots, Lincoln, NE

  • Eat, Drink, Art. Benefit show, Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE


  • American Collective: Contemporary Reflections on Landscape and Identity. Curated by Eliot Dudik. Stitches and Pics, Sackets Harbor, NY

  • Keep Tugboat Afloat. Benefit show. Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE

  • Not for the Faint of Heart. Curated by Rachael Banks. Don't Smile online gallery:

  • Nasty Women Omaha. Benefit for Voices of Hope. Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE


  • Death, Sex, and Impermanence. Solo show. Curated by Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez and Charley Friedman. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE.

  • Group Show. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE


  • Dead to Me. III of Cups, Lincoln, NE


  • Snapshot Aesthetic. Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR


  • If Not for Kidnap. Monthly poetry reading and art exhibition. Portland, OR

  • Annual Member’s Showcase, Jurors: Newspace Board of Directors. Newspace Center for Photography. Portland, OR

  • New Works from Jake Gillespie, Nicolas Columbo and Ashley Goodwin. Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective. Portland, OR


  • 3, 2, 1 Blastoff. Turbine Flats. Lincoln, NE

  • Fundraiser and $100 Art Sale (donated artwork). BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE

  • Another Stab: The Family of Man. BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE


  • Snip. BemisUNDERGROUND. Omaha, NE

  • A Dilly of a Joke. Pig Flew Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE


  • Capstone Senior Exhibition. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • How Am I Not Myself. Gallery 1100 (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • The Society for Photographic Education’s Student Exhibition, Juror: Dan Seidell. W. Dale Clark Library. Omaha, NE

  • Art: The Show. Salon 52 (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • Higos. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Gomez Group Show. The Emergency Room at Tugboat Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition, Juror: Larry Roots. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery, Lincoln. NE

  • Be My Valentine. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE


  • The Society for Photographic Education’s Student Exhibition, Jurors: Student committee. Old Frisco Café. St. Louis, MO

  • Beating the Dead Horse. Gameover Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • The Masters of Photography. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Summerstock II. The Loft at the Mill. Lincoln, NE

  • Capstone Senior Exhibition (collaboration with a senior). Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Women’s Week Juried Show, Jurors: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Women’s Center employees. The Loft Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition, Juror: David Gracie. Eisentrager/Howard Gallery. Lincoln, NE

  • Alive in Lincoln. Underground Gallery (Pop-up). Lincoln, NE

  • Art League Juried Show. Rotunda Gallery. Lincoln, NE


III of Cups

Co-founded with Cassandra Morton and Whitney Williams, I operated a gallery space in Parrish Projects, an artists' gallery and studio collective in downtown Lincoln, NE. We programmed and hosted monthly First Friday art exhibitions from 2016–2018.

III of Cups Exhibitions


  • Satan at Home. Mixed media by John Skinner

  • Rhapsody on Pavement. Animation by Levi Gerlach and Enia Kiusals

  • I’m a Prom Queen, Too. Paintings by Erik White

  • Brief Descriptions. Photography by Margot Erlandson and Robert Stewart

  • Fade Like a Sigh. Photography by Rana Young and Zora Murff


  • Subverted Perspective. Sculptures by Wansoo Kim

  • Kong & Olive. Mixed media by Myra Sontheimer

  • Second Hand. Mixed media by Lisa Guevara

  • Cauldrons. Drawings and installation by Phoebe Little

  • Noncore. Sculpture, video and painting by Rosana Ybarra and Lindsey Day

  • Back in the Day. Sculptures by Michael Villareal

  • Vivere Cogitatio (Live Thought). Installation by Whitney Williams

  • Functionless Doodads, Useless Doohickies. Paintings by Erik White

  • Biophilia. Guest curated by Walker Pickering, featuring video work from Madeline Cass, Anna Drehys and Tyler Meyer

  • Drama Drama Drama. Sculptures by Kelsea Brunner

  • Celebration of Life for Denalda Nicole Renae Siegrist


  • Pha Nguyen at III of Cups

  • Mary's Scuba-ready for the Danderfan. Animation by Cessa Cantrell

  • Death, Sex, and Impermanence. Ashley Goodwin

  • Watercolor/Collage. Whitney Williams

  • Skyler Simpson at III of Cups

  • Ashley Anderson Amerandie at III of Cups

  • Derek Benoist at III of Cups

  • Austin Michael Romine at III of Cups

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (BemisUNDERGROUND), Curatorial Resident

I was awarded this residency in response to a proposal I wrote regarding the coexistence of high art and kitsch within the framework of contemporary portraiture. I was required to coordinate a single 6-week art exhibition. My responsibilities included soliciting artwork, managing promotions, installing the exhibition and coordinating an opening reception. January–March 2008.


Intimate Strangers

Curated an exhibition of photographs and video by Carment Winant, Molly Landreth, Rachel Papo, Amelia Tovey and Sarah McKemie, focusing on portraiture. Tribute Gallery. Portland, OR. March 2010.

Small Press Brunch

For this event The Tribute Gallery was transformed into a small press bookstore for the weekend. Titles from Future Tense Books, Ooligan, MAKE, Starbage Hands as well as other artist-published works were featured. Portland, OR. December 2009.

New Works from Jake Gillespie, Nicolas Columbo and Ashley Goodwin

Co-curated with Todd Crosby at Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective. Local band Dirty Mittens performed. Portland, OR. May 2009.

Works from the Private Collection of Ashley Goodwin

I fancy myself an amateur collector and this was an exhibit of artworks from my personal collection. Goldsmith Blocks Artists Collective. Portland, OR. April 2009.

Another Stab: The Family of Man

Curated a group show of fifteen artists at the BemisUNDERGROUND for my curatorial residency. Local bands Black Hundreds and Columbia vs. Challenger performed at the opening. Omaha, NE. December–March 2008. Artists included Shelley Fuller, Kim Thompson, Cessa Cantrell, Brent Meier, Nolan Tredway, Zachariah d'Avignon, Dave Griess, and Brittan Rosendahl.

Art: The Show

Curated a group show of community artists in an operational hair salon in Lincoln’s old market. Each of the spa rooms held a different installation or video. Local bands Columbia vs. Challenger and Rent Money Big performed. Lincoln, NE. October 2006. Artists included Todd Beaty, John Skinner, Zachariah d'Avignon, Kimberly Brown, Joe Younglove, Cessa Cantrell, and Christopher Pearson.


Co-curated with Zachariah d'Avignon. Featured collaborative work by my brother and myself. The venue was the Rotunda Gallery at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln, NE. October 2006.

Beating the Dead Horse

Curated a group show of twenty-one community artists in the formerly defunct Nebraska State Theater. Local bands Prince of Apple Island and Papers performed. Lincoln, NE. October 2005. Artists included Brittan Rosendahl, Brent Meier, Kimberly Brown, John Skinner, Jenny Anderson, Joe Meyers, and Joe McCullough.

The Masters of Photography

Curated a show for the University of Nebraska’s advanced photography students. The venue was the Rotunda Gallery at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln, NE. September 2005.

Alive in Lincoln

Curated a group show of community artists in an unfinished business space in Lincoln's old market dubbed The Basement Gallery. Lincoln, NE. February 2005. Artists included Trudy Teijink, Jenny Anderson, John Skinner, and Meghan Stratman.


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  • Laurus, the undergraduate literary journal of UNL. Cover art. 2004–2005 edition.


Honorable Mention. Snip at the BemisUNDERGROUND. Sponsored by the Organization for the Advancement of the Arts. Jurors: Joey Lynch, Caitlin Applegate and Rachel Ziegler. December 2007.

Jean R. Faulkner Memorial Art Exhibition Award for the 2005 Undergraduate Juried Show.